WandaNEXT™ improves hygiene in public spaces by optimizing cleaning resources, activities and results. Watch the video to see how!

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Track. Verify. Validate.

Facility cleaning has never been more important for health and hygiene. Along with enhancing their cleaning programs, facility managers are faced with the challenge of answering, “How do I know that cleaning has actually been done?”

WandaNEXT makes it easy to validate your cleaning programs in three simple steps:

Step 1

Track key data at critical points, including completed cleaning tasks, cleaning frequency, supply usage, traffic patterns and cleaning alerts

Step 2

Verify cleaning activity completion and compliance using live reporting

Step 3

Validate cleaning activities against cleaning protocols to reassure visitors, employees/tenants and management of a healthy and safe environment

WandaNEXT eliminates the guesswork so facility managers, service contractors and building occupants have peace of mind. Available on desktop and mobile devices, it provides real-time data and robust analytics so cleaning team managers can:

  • Verify cleaning activities are completed as scheduled
  • Identify missed cleanings
  • Immediately uncover and manage training issues
  • Quickly and easily prepare detailed reporting without having to sift through paper cleaning logs
  • Validate adherence to cleaning protocols

The WandaNEXT System

WandaNEXT robust analytics software captures real time data and provides instant reporting on cleaning activities, consumption patterns and compliance with specific cleaning protocols for each area of your facility.

Four components work alone or in combination to suit facilities in commercial, healthcare, education and retail settings, as well as high-traffic venues such as shopping malls, airports and conference centres. In restrooms and throughout other areas of your facility:

  • WandaMOBILE quickly and easily tracks cleaning activities and supply replenishment on any mobile device
  • WandaTRAFFIC people counting units monitor traffic volume in key areas to optimize scheduling and resource allocation
  • WandaTOUCH wall-mounted tablets invite visitor feedback on restroom condition and other critical service areas in high visibility or high-traffic locations where guest experience is critical
  • WandaQUICKTOUCH buttons are ideal for lower traffic areas to immediately alert cleaning teams to issues requiring attention

Leverage WandaNEXT analytics to identify gaps such as missed cleanings and alert responses, pinpoint staff training requirements and optimize labour allocation, cleaning schedules and supply replenishment.

Why WandaNEXT?

Because you need the most advanced technology tools to streamline your cleaning program and:

  • Improve performance and quality
  • Increase efficiency and accountability
  • Enable quick, accurate reporting
  • Elevate customer experience, and
  • Reduce cost and waste

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