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The packaging supplies to safely get your cargo from A to B.

Machine/Stretch Film

Keeping quality under wraps.

Stretch Wrap Products

A wide section of hand and machine film/wrap and dispensers.

Stretch Wrap Equipment

Simple to advanced stretch wrap equipment to ensure your machines run at optimal speed.

Cynch Wrap

High performance, high stretch hand and machine films that are easy to use, safe, quiet and cost effective.

Shrink Wrap & Accessories

Choose from bulk value film to specialty pre-perforated film or polyethylene shrink. Need help? Just ask us!


Thinking inside, outside, and around the box.

Assorted Cardboard Packaging

A wide assortment of cardboard packaging for every packing requirement.

Bubble Wrap

High quality bubble cushion with strength and puncture resistance eliminates air seepage for protection through shipping and shelf life.

Padded Envelopes

Shipping can be rough – cushion against damage with our wide selection of padded envelopes.

Staple Gun

Keep heavy weight goods secure with staples from one of our reliable staple guns.


Industrial packaging with no loose ends.

Strapping Seals and Buckles

Use strapping seals for standard duty or high-tensile strapping and apply with conventional tools. Use these wire strapping buckles for slip resistance and self-locking safety features.

Steel Strapping

Our Steel Strapping coils are provide high tensile strength for heavy duty applications.

Strapping Combination Tools

Eliminate need for separate tensioner, sealer and cutter. These cost effective options are easy to operate, adjust and maintain.

Plastic Strapping

Use plastic strapping for easier and safer application.


Holding things together? Check!

Case Sealers

Case sealing equipment to quickly secure and seal for shipping.

Printed Tape

Send a clear message with printed tapes that speak for themselves.

Packaging Tape

A range of tapes that secure goods in a variety of sizes, colours and strengths.

Tape Dispenser

Speed up the taping process with quality dispensers designed to last.

Equipment & Service

Because there’s no time for downtime.

Table Top Strapping

Table top strapping equipment that secures boxes quickly and easily.

Pallet Wrap Machines

Pallet wrapping machines for better tension, improved operator safety and reduced costs.

Pallet Jack

Take a load off with these modern and performance-driven pallet jacks.

Automatic Wrapping Machine

Increase wrap per minute and secure boxes with automated wrapping machines.

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