Property Management

We don’t need to tell you the value of great tenant relationships, but we can tell you how to improve them.

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More and more, tenants are looking to see customized and collaborative workspaces as well as amenities to support work-from-anywhere environments. That means more stress on building assets – and the people who manage them.

Our facility solutions can help, with products and services which enhance building image, increase quality and sustainability, improve tenant relationships, and reduce costs. You get peace of mind (and time for that second cup of coffee).



Protecting building assets prolongs their life and reduces the labour required to maintain them. Having expert advice makes all the difference. Our Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) specialists will recommend the right suite of products and cleaning protocols to optimize performance in a single facility, or across your customer portfolio.


Image Enhancement

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a building by its restrooms. To attract and retain the best tenants for your commercial space, they need to be at their best. We’ll improve and enhance your building’s image through product selection, application methods, best-practice cleaning processes, and tenant communications.



We’re all about being innovation leaders. That means, new products, new technology, and new ways to wow your customers with proactive maintenance and prompt, efficient service. From digital restroom management and monitoring, to new advances in cleaning such as Intellibot, i-Mop, Battery Vac Pacs, and intelligent, controlled dispensing for chemicals and paper, we have it all.


While sustainability is a core business goal for companies that are enhanced by it, lowering your carbon footprint can be complicated. We can help you move closer to achieving sustainability targets for LEED, WELL, AND BOMA Best with a broad range of high-performing, sustainable product options.


Cost and Amortization

Save money. Save time. Sleep easy. Our dispenser amortization program allows you to replace outdated dispensers and upgrade your facility without budgeted capital costs. On top of that, through Bunzl’s Directed to Buy program, you can ensure consistent product use and quality from property to property while generating annual rebates.



We don’t just deliver products and supply services.We implement a wide variety of the latest training techniques for your building service teams so they can master the best methods and tools, learn best practices and review fundamentals when we educate them on your customized facility cleaning and maintenance programs.


Our Facility Solutions are the difference between buildings that perform, and those that outperform. Let’s talk about how we can help you increase quality, service delivery, and customer smiles.



Hand Hygiene

Soaps, Sanitizers, Skincare. Smmoooth.

Hand Hygiene

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Industry-leading, innovative. Clean that squeaks.

Floor Care & Equipment

Everything your facility needs to shine.

floor shampooer

Towel and Tissue

Towel & Tissue

Function, performance & sustainability? Yes.

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