High-performing, great value cleaning and hygiene essentials, exclusively available from Bunzl Canada


REGARD® products offer high-quality, great-value cleaning and hygiene essentials to help keep your business clean, shining and healthy. Take advantage of our global sourcing capability and choose from our full line of REGARD® cleaning and hygiene products. With a wide range of hand care, floor care, towel and tissue, cleaning chemicals and can liners, you’ll find great-value facility essentials to enhance your facility cleaning and keep your business running efficiently.


REGARD white and black soap dispensers


Hand Care

Handwashing has never been more important and can help reduce the spread of germs and viruses when washed properly. REGARD® hand soaps provide the effective clean needed to keep hands healthy. Select from our carefully formulated liquid hand soap and foaming hand wash to promote a safe and healthy environment. Our handwashing guide is available to ensure your staff and patrons have clean, healthy hands!


REGARD Floor Care Cleaning products arranged in collage


Floor Care

Let’s face it, your floors go through a lot. Not only does keeping them clean give visitors the right impression about your business, but it also helps prevent damage and increase your floor’s lifespan. From stripping to polishing, REGARD® floor care chemicals are formulated to ensure consistent performance. Our cleaning and hygiene professionals can take you through step-by-step training to ensure you’re getting the most out of your products. Match these with our national brand quality floor pads for a spotless finish.


REGARD paper towels, dispenser and box stacked on top of each other


Towel and Tissue

Towel and tissues are essential to facility cleaning and hygiene programs. Did you know that drying hands with paper towels can reduce bacteria on them by 77 per cent compared to air dryers? If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact, select paper products are ECOLOGO® certified. Talk to our experts for high quality, value priced towel and tissue options for your facility.


Cleaning Chemicals

More than ever, your facility’s cleanliness gives visitors the assurance that your business prioritizes the health and safety of its patrons and staff. Selecting the right cleaning chemicals is critical to implementing your cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Our experts have selected a line of high quality, high value products including multi-surface disinfectants, floor cleaners, window cleaners’ degreasers and much more, leaving every surface in your facility is left clean, sanitized and disinfected.


Black garbage bag in front of blue REGARD box


Can Liners

Take advantage of the durability and convenience of REGARD® can liners. Our low-density liners are individually folded, and our high-density liners come in coreless perforated rolls for quick and easy dispensing. REGARD® can liners are a high-performing, great value product. Our low-density can liners are ECOLOGO® certified to help reduce environmental footprint. Available in multiple sizes and colours including black, frosted, white, blue and transparent.