Knowledge Is Power!

That’s why we continually search out the latest research and best practices to help you improve performance in your facility. If you require a more accessible version of any of the documents in the articles below, please let us know and we’d be happy to help.

VMI, Vending and an Efficient Facility

Two simple solutions and how they interconnect

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Canada’s Single-Use Plastic Bans

Manufacturers have stopped production on most products covered by the new single-use plastic bans. Now is the time to understand what alternatives are available.

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Safety Driven!

Keep your costs down and your entire team running safely and more efficiently.

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Combat the Flu and Protect Your Crew

As winter begins to unleash its chilly grip, we’re reminded of the impact cold and flu season has on facility health, safety and productivity. Taking a proactive approach is critical to reducing the incidence of cold, flu, COVID and other virus outbreaks during the fall and winter seasons. 

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A person washing their hands in a stainless steel sink

3 Steps to Better Hand Hygiene

Read our top tips to help hands stay healthy

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A graphic of two hands holding a red heart on a pink background.

How Are You Spreading Kindness Today?

Read how Bunzl team members spread some positivity for Random Acts of Kindness Day

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