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Sustainability Spotlight: Navigating the P2 Notice For Canada’s Grocery Retailers

This past summer, the Government of Canada announced a new initiative supporting its zero plastic waste commitment with the proposed Pollution Prevention Planning Notice, and here’s how it can affect your business.

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Avoid Costly Shutdowns: The Case for Regular Equipment Maintenance

With autumn here and the busy holiday season in sight, now is the time for plants to prioritize equipment maintenance to stay ahead in the game

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Help Your Workers Beat the Heat

As Spring arrives, more construction sites open and soon that means working in extreme summer heat. In 2021, in B.C. alone, 115 workers submitted claims to WorkSafeBC for heat stress.

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Cleaner And Greener

Increased demand from consumers and climate change initiatives by businesses make the shift to sustainability a hot topic in the cleaning industry.

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What’s New and Next in Single-Use Plastics

As a push towards a more sustainable future, the government of Canada has banned six categories of single-use plastics (SUPs) used in foodservice.

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Better, Faster — AND Lower Cost

Keeping an industrial warehouse operating at peak efficiency has become more difficult as rising shipping costs, supply chain disruptions and increased raw material prices have directly and indirectly impacted productivity.

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