A sustainable workforce is the backbone of any successful business, but sustainability means more than just reducing waste. Take the following key steps to create a safer, more sustainable workplace, focused on both physical and mental well-being:

1. Cut the Waste

A significant advancement in sustainable safety practices is the development of biodegradable, single-use products. Introducing these to protect workers and reduce waste is a smart sustainability solution. For example, enormous quantities of single use nitrile gloves add to landfill waste every day. To offset the increase of non-sustainable waste, choose one of the latest bio-degradable, disposable alternatives.

2. RIGHT-size PPE

Properly fitting safety gear reduces waste while increasing worker safety and productivity. A recent survey found that women in multiple industries face the issue of ill-fitting PPE with 40% of respondents stating it as the cause of a work-related injury or incident. Proper PPE fit testing is essential for worker safety and building a sustainable work environment. In addition, provide PPE designed to fit the unique needs of female employees to ensure their safety and comfort on the job.

3. Create a Culture of Safety

A culture of safety is the foundation of a sustainable work force, and it starts with comprehensive and consistent training.

Obviously this begins with the fundamentals of PPE requirements for each role, and how to fit, wear and store safety equipment. But it doesn’t stop there – it also includes training to help staff recognize symptoms of common workplace hazards such as heat stroke, dehydration and cold stress in themselves, and in their co-workers.

Mental health is increasingly reported as a top health and safety issue in industrial workplaces. Providing appropriate supports for workers is essential to minimize accidents, reduce absenteeism and optimize productivity. For more information on developing and implementing effective mental health supports and creating open communication regarding mental health issues, download our free Mental Health and Wellness Guide.

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