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A worker cleaning an office desk with a spray bottle and cloth

COVID-19 Cleaning And Disinfecting

The top 7 environmental cleaning practices for infection prevention

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A row of sinks in a facility washrooms

Improving Restroom Health in One Step

Keep facility restrooms safer while improving employee and customer satisfaction

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A person washing their hands in a stainless steel sink

Building an Effective Hand Hygiene Program

The top 3 tips to develop an effective hand hygiene program

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A person wiping their hands with paper towel.

The Difference Paper Towels Can Make

Learn about the benefits of making the switch to paper towels in your facility’s restrooms

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Hand Hygiene Program Guide

Keep Your Workplace Healthy, Safe and Productive With This Step-by-Step Guide

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Hand Washing How-To

We’ll lend you a (clean) helping hand to achieve good hand hygiene…

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