Let’s face it – as effective as they are, traditional cleaning products have a downside.  Harsh chemicals pose issues for both environmental sustainability and worker health and safety. Now more than ever, the cleaning sector needs to focus on implementing innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact and ensure the safety of cleaning teams and the public.

Here are three key areas where you can make a significant impact on sustainability in facility cleaning!

Sustainable Chemistries

Consider introducing sustainable, biodegradable cleaning solutions. These products are produced with non-caustic chemicals that contain minimal VOC’s, promoting healthier indoor air quality for workers and the public. Biodegradable cleaning products also utilize renewable ingredients from sustainable sources such as essential oils and natural solvents. This limits the use of non-renewable resources and minimizes the health risks posed by harsher chemical solutions.

The challenge many cleaning teams encounter is the efficacy of sustainable cleaning product formulations. Just as with traditional cleaning products, sustainable cleaning products are NOT all created equal – some work better than others. Our first choice is the REGARD® sustainable line. Not only do the products perform, but their highly concentrated solutions also mean fewer bottles are required. That means more product can be delivered in fewer shipments, reducing emissions in shipping, but over the course of a year can reduce the amount of plastic waste a business generates. From the manufacturing floor to the cleaning cart, biodegradable solutions reduce environmental impact and save money.

Earth-Conscious Employees

Staff training programs are crucial to improving sustainability in cleaning programs. For example, ensuring employees know the right amount of cleaning product to use results in less product and packaging waste, reduced order frequency and lower operating costs.

Sustainability in cleaning and hygiene also means minimizing health risks by building a sustainable working environment for cleaning staff. Simple changes like investing in ergonomic mop handles or replacing manual tasks with automated solutions reduces repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Smart Technology

Autonomous cleaning solutions offer several sustainability and cost benefits. Robotic cleaning equipment, when paired with a preventative maintenance program, delivers years of operational efficiency. Manual machines are more susceptible to inefficiency and can cause damage due to operator error, shortening their useful service life and increasing total cost of ownership. Autonomous machines optimize product usage with precise measurements and maintain surface integrity to help reduce repairs and replacement frequency and cost.

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