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Take Action on Outbreaks

Preparing your workplace for a cold and flu outbreak is an important step to take in your overall business continuity planning strategy. Regardless of your type of business, having a plan ready in case an outbreak hits will help minimize the spread of infection and keep operations running. 

Absences caused by colds and flu cost Canadian businesses over $1 billion every year, but getting these outbreaks under control is about more than saving money. Effective flu management promotes health and wellbeing, and some facilities can even use their flu management strategy as a way to enhance their value proposition to customers. 

This guide describes the actions you can take to prepare for and minimize the impact of a cold or flu outbreak. 


We cover specific workplace strategies for:

  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Long-term care
  • Building service contractors (BSCs)
  • Correctional institutions

Step One: Prevention

The first step in your outbreak management plan should be prevention. With the right measures, you can prevent a flu outbreak from spreading through your facility in the first place. Check out our Cold & Flu Prevention Guide to learn more about how to prevent the spread of infection. 

Unfortunately, even with the best prevention techniques, there is no guarantee that you’ll completely eliminate colds and flu. So, how can you protect your facility when a cold and flu strikes? You’ll find all the information you need to prepare for an outbreak here.

Start With a Plan

Every good outcome starts with a plan – and cold and flu outbreak management is no different! Preparing your facility for a potential cold or flu outbreak is just as important as any other type of business continuity planning, regardless of the type of facility. Not only is cold and flu containment important for health and general wellbeing, but it also prevents the serious toll that cold and flu season takes on businesses every year. 

So, before an outbreak hits, follow this Flu Preparedness Checklist to ensure you're ready for anything. Download the guide to learn the step-by-step processes that will explain how to plan, confirm and control an outbreak in any type of facility.


Get this information and much more in our easy-to-read guide!


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