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Helping Rubber Floors Bounce Back

Check out the Facility Cleaning & Maintenance article by Bunzl Canada's David Smith


Rubber flooring is becoming increasingly popular in fitness facilities for its durability and ease of maintenance. However, despite being easy to care for, it still needs specialized care from time to time. 


Proper floor maintenance is important in any facility. Not only does regular cleaning help prevent slips and falls, but it also goes a long way in extending a floor's lifespan and protecting your investment. Learning how to maintain your floor type is important to help ensure you keep your floors in good condition for as long as possible. 


Bunzl Canada's director of cleaning, hygiene and sanitation, David Smith, ESP, wrote an article for Facility Cleaning & Maintenance magazine on how to maintain rubber floors and keep them looking their best.


Here's a quick breakdown of the eight steps to follow to keep rubber floors in tip-top shape:


  1. Select a high alkaline cleaner to pull the dirt out of the floor. Mix the product with water according to the manufacturer’s directions.


  2. Use a mop to apply the cleaner to floor and let it sit for five minutes.


  3. Scrub any prominent marks using an aggressive hand-held pad.


  4. Machine scrub the entire floor surface using a swing polisher with either a brush or pad.


  5. Pick up any residual cleaning solution using a wet vacuum or auto scrubber. Then, rinse the floor with cold water using an auto scrubber.


  6. Once the floor is dry, inspect the floor to ensure all visible marks have been removed. Repeat all necessary steps on any remaining marks.


  7. Use a finish or flat mop to apply an emulsion solution to seal and protect rubber floors. Do not rinse the emulsion solution after applying.


  8. Let the floor dry for 30 to 60 minutes and apply a second coat of emulsion solution, if desired.


Read the full article here to get the full scoop on how to take care of rubber floors.



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