The front entrance way of a hospital with a green floor mat.

How to Choose the Right Floor Matting

Use this interactive matting placement tool to find the right fit for your facility


Choosing the right floor matting solution is essential for keeping facility floors clean, safe and protected against damage. But, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice? The Interactive Matting Placement Tool from Edgewood Matting can help!

From exterior to interior, warehouse to lobby, use this tool and click on specific rooms to see recommendations for the best matting solution for each space. Here are a few quick tips from the tool to help you get started:


Three Matting Options for a Cleaner Facility


1. Debris Matting

Stop dirt in its tracks! Debris matting helps remove moisture, dirt, salt and fine sand from shoes before it enters the building and causes damage to your floors. Consider using this matting in vestibules, exterior entrances and parking levels.


2. Scraper Matting

Scraper matting is a heavy-duty matting solution that can help trap water, snow and sand from footwear. Place this matting in exterior high-traffic locations including outside primary doors and vestibules for increased coverage.


3. Wiper/Scraper Matting

Decrease the risk of slips and falls with wiper/scraper interior matting.  These matting solutions help to minimize moisture and trap fine particles, leaving your floors safe, clean and looking their best. These mats are perfect for interior entrances, gyms and hallways to help protect against floor damage and extend their lifespan.


Three Matting Solutions for a Safer Workplace  


1. People-Protecting Matting 

Workplace fatigue can lead to decreased productivity and cause more accidents. Keep your team comfortable and safe with anti-fatigue and slip-resistant matting to reduce slip and fall accidents and reduce the risk of injury. These matting solutions are ideal for workstations and high-traffic walkways.


2. Product Protecting Matting

Matting helps protect products from scratches, dents and warping if dropped on floors. Protect your products during handling with floor and shelf liners and designate/define safe walking areas through your facility. 


3. Tool Protecting Matting

These matting solutions are designed to help prevent tool damage that could be damaged by dropping or rough handling. They can absorb high impacts, prevent dulling and can be perforated to allow for fluid drainage.


For more information about choosing the right matting for your facility, check out Edgewood’s Interactive Matting Placement Tool.



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