The phrase "Tear. Clean. Repeat" beside a roll of paper towel

Keeping High-Touch Surfaces Safe

Introducing the Embassy® Perforated Roll Towel


Sanitizing high-touch surfaces is at the top of everyone’s priority list. Complete this task with ease with the new Embassy® Perforated Roll Towel. These paper towels are ideal for sanitizing high-touch surfaces or quickly and reliably cleaning up spills.


Tear. Clean. Repeat.

These paper towels are a new hybrid between a professional kitchen and roll towel that combines the longer length of a regular roll towel, with the quick, clean-tear function of a professional kitchen towel. These easy to tear, perforated roll towels offer efficient and controlled dispensing, resulting in less waste. These paper towels are ideal for busy, commercial-use spaces and reducing the number of times an empty roll needs to be changed.


Click here to learn more about making the switch to Embassy® Perforated Roll Towels.



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