A person drying their hands with a paper towel in front of a white sink.

The Difference Paper Towels Can Make

Learn about the benefits of making the switch to paper towels in your facility’s restrooms


Good hand hygiene starts with proper handwashing but ends with proper hand-drying. When it comes to hand drying options in your facility, you’re faced with an important decision – jet air hand dryers or paper towel dispensers. Paper towels are not only preferred by 90% of people, but they are also the more hygienic option and can help keep your facility healthy.


Jet Hand Dryers’ Dirty Secret

While jet hand dryers are a popular option for hand drying, they can re-contaminate freshly washed hands and leave them with more germs than before washing! They can also cause germy water droplets to be blown into the air, contaminating even more surfaces. Jet air dryers can also hold up to 1000x times more germs on their surface than paper towel dispense­rs.


The Benefits of Paper Towels

On the other hand, paper towels can remove up to 77% of bacteria remaining on hands after washing through the physical rubbing motion. Paper towels also reduce the risk of spreading bacteria to other surfaces and are the recommended hand-drying method of the World Health Organization.


Check out this infographic for a quick look at why jet air hand dryers are less hygienic than paper towels.


Keeping Your Workplace Clean with Touchless Dispensers

Raise restroom hygiene in your facility with touchless dispensers. Look for dispensers that keep towels fully enclosed in the system until used to help minimize the spread of dirt and germs. Scott® Control Touchless Dispensers require fewer refills than other touchless dispensers, saving your cleaning teams time and resources. Learn more about how adding touchless paper towel dispensers to your facility can help keep it clean and more hygienic.


Don't forget to check out this infographic to see why touchless paper towel dispensers are the more hygienic choice for restrooms.



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