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The Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Manufacturing

Science fiction becomes reality: How AI changes the game for manufacturers.


According to Forbes, recent developments have shown that artificial intelligence (AI) may soon make production processes more efficient and productive. AI has already been used in various industries to improve processes, but it has yet been widely used in manufacturing.


Forbes reports that 92 per cent of senior manufacturing executives believe that digital technologies, like AI, will allow them to improve their productivity. However, only one in five companies have actually merged AI solutions with their processes. This isn’t due to a lack of interest. Forrester, a global research firm, found that 58 per cent of businesses are currently researching how to incorporate AI systems into their processes.


How can AI be applied to manufacturing?

Experts believe that AI has the potential to influence how companies run their production lines. AI has a high capacity to collect data, which can then be interpreted by the system to determine what changes should be made to improve efficiency. The ease of data collection provided by AI is a huge benefit for organizations looking to make data-driven decisions. Without AI, collecting enough data to support these types of decisions is very time consuming, whereas AI can collect massive data samples in a matter of minutes.


Check out the full article by Arnie Gordon at Forbes to learn more about applying AI technology to manufacturing production.