Warehouse Workers

Putting Safety First in the Face of COVID-19

Keeping our frontline, and yours, healthy and safe


Two months ago, the whole world seemed to come to a stop – but for healthcare workers, first responder, and other essential service front-line heroes it’s been a very different story! The grocery, healthcare and other essential sectors have worked feverishly to keep Canada running and we’ve been right behind them ensuring they have the critical supplies they need.

In order to keep up with demand, our warehouses operate around the clock right across Canada. To ensure the safety of our own front-line heroes, we immediately amped up cleaning and disinfecting on all high touch surfaces and shared equipment, implemented physical distancing protocols to ensure that team members stay at least two metres apart and moved as many of our team members offsite to work from home. We provided vehicle hygiene kits to every driver, including disinfecting spray, hand sanitizer, gloves and tissues to help protect them and the facilities they deliver to. We provided all other on-site employees with workspace hygiene kits, and implemented a new 7-point cleaning protocol specific to every warehouse.

To monitor those protocols, we’ve introduced WandaMOBILE, a hygiene compliance app to record cleaning tasks completed against daily frequency requirements, and provide real time reporting on our cleaning program effectiveness. 

To help our customers with their reopening efforts, next week we’ll be offering a Healthy Workplace communications package, including signage you can post throughout your facility about physical distancing requirements, proper hand washing and sanitizing processes, proper use and disposal of gloves along with our Outbreak Prevention and Handwashing Program guides to help keep your facilities healthy, productive and safe.

We’d like to thank our Bunzl front line heroes for everything their doing, every day. We’d also like to thank you, for everything you’re doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact us to ask for your Healthy Workplace package today!