Bunzl Canada Has the Expertise to Help Your Retail Business

We help retailers around the world streamline their supply chains, reduce store supply costs, decrease inventory and improve speed to market. Whether you’re a large retail chain, online specialty store or anything in between, we’ll tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Our expert team is here to help.

3000 Business-Critical Retail SKUs

Consolidating purchasing reduces administration and lowers cost.

From retail store supplies, cleaning products and custom packaging to store fixtures and décor, we source and stock the supplies you need so you don’t have to.

Inventory Management and Delivery

Seamlessly integrate deliveries into your supply chain with options that include: Direct to store, Direct to distribution, and Warehouse replenishment.

You can add pick and pack solutions and detailed product tracking, too. Whatever you need, whenever you need it? Check.

Brand Expression

Customized, Creative. Cool.

Window decor kits, shopping bags, packaging accessories… our experienced in-house creative team will help you create and order unique designs to express your brand. We’ll work with you from the early stages of concept development right through to final production.


Form. Function. Here are a few of our most popular retail operating supplies:

Operating Supplies

Workin’ 9 to 5. Or 9 to 9. Or 11 to 1.


Labels for fruits, flowers, desserts, meats, appetizers or entrées, price promotions and specialty labels – all right here!

Packaging Tape

A range of tapes to secure goods in multiple sizes, colours and strengths.

Garbage Bags

Regular, Strong, XStrong and XXStrong – can liners you can rely on.


Choose the right tissue for your facility and traffic to maximize quality and minimize cost. Our Business Accelerator can show you how!

Visual Displays

Raise some eyebrows. In a good way.


Durable, functional hangers for every retail operation.

Shelving Units

Increase retail shelf appeal with shelving units to increase display and merchandising space instore.

Shelving Labels

From retail danglers to wobblers, talkers or strips – whatever you call them, choose the right one to speak to your customers.

Point of Purchase Displays

Elevate the look of your store with vibrant and modern displays.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Stores that sparkle. An image that shines.

Hand Sanitizer

Protect against bacteria and improve health in your facility with our selection of top brand name foam or gel soaps and sanitizers.

Floor Scrubber

Clean any floor type more efficiently with the right floor cleaning equipment for the job.

Multi-Surface Disinfectant

Reduce the amount of chemicals your staff need to move and the use of storage space – switch to Multi Surface disinfectants.

Floor Pads

A vast range of Floor pads to fit your purpose and your machines.

Front End Packaging

We’ve got this in the bag.

Carry Out Bags

Gift Tags

Jewellery Boxes

Gift Wrap

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