Burlington, ON – November 19, 2020 – Bunzl Canada (bunzlcanada.ca) today announced the latest feature enhancement to WandaNEXT™, its exclusive digital cleaning management and smart restroom technology.

The new occupancy feature addresses concerns surrounding physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling facilities to provide an accurate measurement of the number of people occupying a defined area, including restrooms.

The feature ties the WandaNEXT™ tablet, an IoT device that tracks cleaning activities and monitors service requirements, with highly accurate people counting sensors. The tablet displays a message on its screen advising whether the area is at capacity based on pre-established occupancy protocols and physical distancing requirements.

“The COVID 19 pandemic has created an unprecedented need for facilities to continually improve and enhance cleaning and hygiene,” said John Howlett, President of Bunzl Canada. “Investing in this technology is another example of our commitment to providing our customers with innovative solutions designed to help them meet their most critical business challenges.”

The WandaNEXT™ system, developed by Visionstate IoT and exclusively distributed by Bunzl, is comprised of robust analytics software and multiple data collection components. These include anti-microbial touchscreen tablets, infrared traffic counting units, a mobile cleaning management application and IoT alert buttons. The components’ configuration can be customized to meet specific facility management needs.

“The new occupancy feature was developed for both safety and convenience,” explained Visionstate CEO John Putters. “While many facilities use static signage to publicize required occupancy levels, there is no way for individuals entering an area to know how many people are actually in that area, particularly as it pertains to public restrooms.”

WandaNEXT™ has a growing installation base that includes healthcare, retail, commercial office, conference, airport and distribution facilities across Canada and the United States. It was also recently launched in the United Kingdom and Australia.

For more information on occupancy sensing and the complete WandaNEXT™ system, click here.

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