What’s that smell? Unfortunately, with warmer weather comes insects and rodents looking for their next meal. When not cleaned properly, organic matter build-up in dumpsters can attracted unwanted pests, bacteria and odours. Ensuring dumpsters are clean and deodorized helps minimize odours, reduce wear and tear and keeps away unwanted pests.

While traditional dock and dumpster cleaning is an unpleasant and difficult task requiring the use of harsh chemicals, the Avmor® Dock and Dumpster Program brings you a no-touch, environmentally friendly way to get an effective clean.

How does it work?

Avmor® Dock and Dumpster products use microorganisms to break down organic matter without the use of harsh chemicals. This environmentally preferable solution eliminates organic matter that causes odours, leaving your dumpster cleaner, safer and healthier. The program is ideal for cleaning and deodourizing dumpster areas including dumpsters, trash cans, loading docks, walls, vehicles, equipment and concrete floors.

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