With the need to improve building hygiene at an all-time high, now more than ever, facility managers are looking for ways to help keep their facilities cleaner, healthier and safer. A great place to start is with keeping high-touch surfaces clean and sanitized. Making the switch to paper towels can help keep surfaces safe in two ways:

1. Removing bacteria at the source

Not only are paper towels the preferred method of hand drying, but they can also help improve overall facility health. Paper towels can help remove the bacteria remaining on hands after washing through the physical rubbing motion of hand drying, which also reduces the risk of spreading bacteria to other surfaces.

2. Removing bacteria from high-touch surfaces

Sanitizing high-touch surfaces is at the top of everyone’s priority list. The new Embassy® Perforated Roll Towel from Kruger is ideal for sanitizing high-touch surfaces when paired with an appropriate disinfectant. Its eight-inch sheets are a great size to use for frequent sanitizing on high-touch surfaces like counters, tables and door handles.

Tear. Clean. Repeat.

Embassy® Perforated Roll Towels are a new hybrid between a professional kitchen and roll towel that combines the longer length of a regular roll towel, with the quick, clean-tear function of a professional kitchen towel. These easy to tear, perforated roll towels offer efficient and controlled dispensing, resulting in less waste. These paper towels are ideal for busy, commercial-use spaces and reducing the number of times an empty roll needs to be changed.

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