ooking to decrease costly battery replacements in your facility? Choosing the right, high-quality batteries can help! Device-specific industrial alkaline batteries dramatically extend battery life and cut replacement costs.

Longer-lasting battery power is especially important when looking to minimize battery replacements for high drain devices. These devices typically have motors, pumps or mechanisms that drives a motion as an output. Some examples of high drain devices include paper towel dispensers, security cameras, hands-free faucets, soap/sanitizer dispensers and more. Check out this detailed list of high drain devices to see how a device-specific battery can help minimize costly battery replacements.

PROCELL® carries a range of high-performing professional batteries and is the only brand to offer device-specific professional alkaline batteries. Read on for help choosing the right battery for your facility’s specific needs:

Batteries for High Drain Devices

PROCELL® Intense Power batteries are engineered to deliver precise pulses of energy while lasting longer in high-drain professional devices and have up to 30% better longevity*, saving you money on replacements. This line is recommended for use in devices such as soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, flashlights, electronic door locks, safe boxes, automatic faucets, automatic odourizers and motorized blinds.

General Purpose Batteries

PROCELL® General Purpose batteries are perfect for everyday use. These batteries are designed and tested to guarantee longer-lasting and consistent performance.* They’re manufactured using superior cell design, which ensures high quality cell construction.

Lithium Coin Batteries for Professional Devices

PROCELL® Lithium Coin batteries are designed for small, professional devices such as security sensors, key FOBs and other related high-tech sensing devices and monitors.

Talk to one of our experts or check out this helpful guide from Procell® to learn more about choosing the right battery type for your facility.