Gas prices in Canada are at a record high and there doesn’t seem to be any respite coming soon. What can you do? It’s not like you can just stop driving, and gas can seriously eat into your profit margins. At Bunzl Canada we understand that your business needs gas to operate. Gas powers business in Canada, from deliveries to collecting stock, getting to and from your place of business and everything in-between. That’s why we have asked some of our in-house supply chain experts what some of the top ways to save money on gas are.

1- Buy gas in the evening

This is without doubt one of the smartest and most powerful ways to save money for your business for two reasons:

  • Gas stations reduce prices in the evening to compete for customers and tempt them to top up. Sometimes the difference can be as much as ten cents or more.
  • There is another factor though that not a lot of people know about. In warmer months filling up in the evening will get you more bang for your buck. As the temperature is cooler in the evening this means that the temperature of the gas is cooler and thus denser. The basic equation of this is that for every dollar you spend results in a higher volume gas.

2- Buy gas earlier in the week

Gas prices tend to rise later into the week.

3- Keep your vehicle tidy

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you have a couple of coffee stains here and there, what does matter is keeping unnecessary stock in your work vehicle. How many times have you picked up something, thrown it into the trunk or cab, and left it there planning to take it out at a later date? The numbers vary greatly, but some basic calculations show that an extra 100 lbs in a work vehicle can reduce the mileage you get by 2%.

4- Lighten your foot on the gas

Pressing down the gas pedal to hit the floor floods the engine with fuel, burning it instantly. Sure you get that quick lift, but do you really need it? Taking your time to enter traffic and allowing your speed to build up gradually is a serious gas saver.

5- Lighten your foot on the brake

Think about it, when you hit the brakes hard all you are doing is mitigating all the fuel you have used to get to that speed. Driving a safe distance behind other motorists means you can brake softer and sometimes not at all. This allows the natural speed of the car or truck to reduce by taking your foot off the gas. It’s also a lot safer way to drive. Research has suggested that combining tips four and five can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 30%.

6- Air conditioning

Having your air conditioning on full blast can result in 8%-10% higher fuel consumption. Of course you want to be comfortable when you drive, but try and cool your car down before you drive by rolling down windows and using a windshield sun reflector when you park. Treat the air conditioning in your vehicles like you would in your own home.

7- Make your vehicle more aerodynamic

Driving with your windows down results in your vehicle being not very aerodynamic. Consider if you need the windows down, and if they need to be down so far.

8- Tires

  • Make sure tires are inflated to the correct pressure. Under inflated tires need much more fuel than tires that have the right pressure.
  • Winter and Summer tires. If you use summer and winter tires check the forecast ahead and make sure the tires you have on your vehicles accurately reflect the season. Not only are there braking and insurance implications, but fuel efficiency is also impacted.

9- Maintain your vehicle

Changing the air filter and oil as per the manufacturers recommendations means much more economic fuel consumption.

10- Be loyal to your gas station

This might seem obvious to some, but it will come as a surprise to others just how much money this can save. Here’s the best way to do it:

  • Select a gas station near your business that regularly has the lowest gas prices. Knowing this location and regularly using it will save you money by better planning and by not getting caught short and thus having to spend over the odds at a station you do not usually use. Gas stations near the highway are always much more expensive than gas stations found in industrial or other areas.
  • Get a loyalty card and ensure all drivers use it. Sure you might only save or make $1-$2 per fill up, but this will regularly turn into a free fill up and thus money saved.

We hope these tips will help you to reduce your spend on gas and ultimately save your business money. If you would like more detailed information about how you can reduce your reliance, and thus spend, on gas by having Bunzl Canada provide your business with supplies and other solutions, please contact us to find out more.