Did you know that 90% of the dirt that is tracked into your facility enters through the front door? A good matting system can stop up to 80% of the dirt tracked into a building and is the first step to maintaining floor appearance. Matting protects floors from dirt, debris and moisture. Since it reduces the frequency of floor stripping, finishing and cleaning it significantly reduces labour costs. But how do you know whether to rent or purchase matting for your business?

Renting Mats

Renting is simple and convenient because rental companies replace mats frequently, saving you cleaning and maintenance time. However, rental mat options are limited in size, colour and shape, and their quality is lower than that of purchased mats. They don’t hold dirt or water and they have a tendency to flip or wrinkle which can create tripping hazards.

Purchasing Mats

Purchased mats are more effective at holding dirt and debris and are more absorbent, so they are better at prolonging floor finishes and reducing facility maintenance costs. Purchased mats are custom made, with options such as sizing, branding and colour. Absorption rate, backing and material options are based on traffic levels, so purchased mats are made to meet your facility’s specific needs.