We know and understand your company prioritizes ensuring valuable cargo make it safely from point A to B. That’s why when it comes to packaging products, you can’t beat the quality, performance and value Cynch products deliver. 

The Cynch line offers a variety of film, tape, strapping, corrugate, fastening products, mailers and more. Cynch provides packing solutions for just about every packing problem. Cynch mailers are cushioned and provide outstanding shipping and great protection for a wide range of semi-fragile items. They come in both self-sealing and non-self-sealing formats and are designed to keep your items as secure as possible during their shipping journey. 

If it’s packing tape you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Cynch’s pressure-sensitive tape is activated once pressed into place. Most packaging tape is made from the plastic polymers polyester or polypropylene (sometimes shortened to polyprop). Thanks to its strength and durability, packaging tape is undoubtedly the best option for sealing parcels and box joints, reinforcing containers and strapping together multiple boxes, packs or supplies on factory pallets. Cynch’s powerful tape is designed to standup to the rigors of shipping and transportation. 

Cynch has the products and supplies you need to work professionally and efficiently. They’ve partnered up with premium suppliers of packaging and warehouse needs to ensure all your company’s daily business requirements are met. Cynch is proud to be able to provide full service and support for every product sold.  

Still unsure of what you might need? Cynch will gladly make recommendations and tailor your specific needs to your individual business. Be sure to check out their great range of industrial related products here and find out how they can help provide you with business solutions.