Cleaning a floor with a mop.

When was the last time you revaluated the products in your cleaning routine or custodial closet? With the amount of cleaning supplies and equipment needed to deliver an effective clean, custodial closets can quickly become overcrowded and disorganized. Consider these tips to help refresh your custodial closet:

Assess Cleaning and Maintenance Programs

It’s important to review your facility’s maintenance program regularly and make adjustments based on your facility’s unique needs. Assess whether the products in your cleaning program need to be updated to help address your cleaning and maintenance challenges. Facilities should aim to review their cleaning programs at least once a year.

Consider Multi-Purpose Cleaning Products

Cleaning products can either be single or multi-purpose. Adding a multi-purpose disinfectant can help reduce the number or products needed to complete various cleaning tasks in your facility, while single purpose disinfectants should only be used as directed.

For example, bleach is one of the most common and relied-upon cleaning and disinfecting solutions. While chlorine bleach is certainly effective at removing stains and disinfecting surfaces when used properly, it is not safe for all environments. When using bleach, it’s important to ensure users are properly trained on safe use, including how to properly dilute it with water.

Choose Innovative Products

Choosing innovative products is a great way to show customers your commitment to delivering a quality clean and helps reduce the overall number of products in cleaning programs. If you’re looking to add a new multi-purpose product to your cleaning and disinfecting routine, bleach alternatives, such as Dustbane’s UniTab*, are a great fit for facilities.

Dustbane’s UniTab* delivers all the benefits of cleaning with bleach without the risk of damaging surfaces. This dime sized disinfectant dissolves in water in minutes and can be used to disinfect a wide range of surfaces and floors. UniTab takes the guesswork out of cleaning and is safe to handle and store.

Contact us for help with setting up and effective cleaning program and watch this video to learn more about UniTab and bleach alternatives!


*Please contact us if you require a more accessible version of this document and we would be happy to provide it.