Without proper maintenance, floor finish can lose its glossy appearance and the ability to protect floors over the long term. Today, schools must carefully balance their budget with the desire to have clean floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic from students, faculty and visitors.

It can be challenging to find the best floor cleaning technique that meets your facility’s needs and keeps your maintenance costs low. For schools, this includes the ability to effectively clean a great deal of square footage made up of various types of flooring like cement, epoxy terrazzo and vinyl composition tile. Cost-saving is also a major concern for many educational facilities, as well as having limited maintenance staff to perform all the different cleaning tasks in schools.

The Upper Merion School District, located in the U.S. near Philadelphia, faced all of these challenges before turning to the TASKI® Intellibot® in 2010. The district purchased the DUOBOT 1850™ robotic sweeper/scrubber to take over floor care, which allowed maintenance employees to focus on other key areas like stairwells and classrooms. The district also uses the TASKI IntelliPad, a two-in-one floor care pad that cleans and burnishes, with its robotic and walk-behind floor care machines.

Since implementing these solutions, the school district has experienced the following benefits:

  • Cost savings.
    The units use less detergent than other floor maintenance machines, which allowed the district to reduce its floor chemical budget from $7.20 per day to $1.68 per day. The district also significantly reduced its custodial operating budget, and use of the DUOBOT machines accounted for about 25 per cent of the labour savings.
  • Time savings.
    The DUOBOTs can sweep and scrub in one pass, which cut the floor cleaning time nearly in half.
  • Improved cleanliness.
    Using the DUOBOT machines has allowed the Upper Merion School District to maintain its highest level of cleanliness than ever before. While the machines clean floors, the janitorial staff is able to focus on other key areas to ensure nothing gets overlooked.
  • Enhanced sustainability.
    The DUOBOT uses less water than traditional floor cleaning equipment, and the school district is able to use almost 190 litres less water per day.

Clean floors leave a lasting impression on how facilities are perceived, but it is not always easy to find a cost-efficient way to ensure they are properly maintained. To solve this problem, school districts have turned to the Intellibot to lower costs, save time and effectively clean floors.

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