Having a clean carpet in your business is essential to making a positive impression on your customers. Help keep your carpets looking their best by following Nilfisk’s 12 Simple Steps to Better Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Vacuum carpets before cleaning to remove debris
  2. Start farthest from the door and work inward
  3. Consider using a pre-treatment cleaning solution to break down dirt
  4. Use a good quality detergent
  5. Use the warmest water possible while keeping in mind the material of your carpet
  6. Use the appropriate tools for each surface
  7. Extract moisture after cleaning
  8. Allow carpets to dry completely before use
  9. Clean your dirty water tank between uses
  10. Clean your equipment between uses
  11. Keep your batteries charged
  12. Service your machine regularly to extend its life

Download the full guide here to learn more about how you can achieve cleaner carpets in your facility.