From nurseries to universities, keeping floors clean is a key part of overall school maintenance. Not only do they look better, but clean floors can significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls. People are more productive in clean environments, and a clean floor goes a long way in creating an enjoyable learning environment for staff and students. A well-maintained floor provides a safe, healthy environment for staff and students, while also increasing the lifespan of the floor.

Floor care is especially important in nurseries and elementary schools, as young children often sit on floors for school assemblies and for certain classes. Floors can be covered in dirt, bacteria, small rocks and water, so keeping them clean and free of bacteria is crucial for keeping young students healthy.

Clean floors also contribute to the perception of your facility. Staff, students and visitors view a poorly maintained facility as an indication of its standard and performance. In schools, it’s important to maintain clean floors to create a positive lasting impression so that students and staff have confidence in the level of education provided there.

Schools are high-traffic areas that require as many different cleaning techniques as there are different floor types. Choosing the best floor cleaning technique for your facility can be challenging, as you want to find a solution that keeps costs low while still meeting your facility’s needs.

Advance has an innovative range of cleaning solutions that can help you save on your cleaning costs, while effectively cleaning school floors. They offer vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers and ride-on floor cleaners that can be used for all your floor-cleaning needs.

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