Canadian Healthcare Facilities magazine recently featured Bunzl Canada in an article on how electrostatic disinfecting can help long-term care facilities win the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). Our own David L. Smith, director of cleaning, hygiene and sanitation penned the article discussing how this innovative technology is revolutionizing the way facilities can protect themselves against the threat of an outbreak.

HAIs are a serious issue for the health and wellbeing of long-term care residents, especially when they are the result of contagious viruses. In fact, it only takes two cases of acute gastrointestinal or respiratory tract illnesses in the same unit within 48 hours to trigger a warning about the possibility of an outbreak. Every year, between 300 and 400 outbreaks of norovirus are reported to the Public Health Agency of Canada – which is a serious concern for high-risk groups.

A Revolutionary Approach

Electrostatic disinfecting technology is revolutionizing the cleaning and hygiene industry by making it easy to disinfect the front, sides and back of surfaces in a fraction of the time it takes using a traditional trigger sprayer. It works by using an electrostatic applicator to atomize liquid disinfectant so that it provides wraparound disinfectant coverage to even the most intricate surfaces.

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