Serve up safer and more secure food at the deli counter!

Safe-T-Chef® has introduced the first tamper evident and tamper resistant polypropylene packaging product family on the market. Lock-in flavour without compromising the safety and security of your HMR food products.

Safe-T-Chef® has broken the mould.

Reduce SKUs and inventory with this one-of-a-kind product!

  • Safe-T-Chef’s® innovative thermoformed packaging uses a new combination of polypropylene to deliver the only tamper-evident, and tamper-resistant single-piece clamshell base and lid designed specifically for hot food applications.

Perfect for HMR hot food applications!

Designed with breakthrough technology and innovative features ideal for take-out, third-party delivery and Grab & Go!

Hot and Ready To Go!

    • Perfect for Hot Tables: Safe-T-Chef® polypropylene packaging can withstand temperatures from heat lamps and hot tables.
    • Microwave Safe: Safe-T-Chef® containers are ideal for foods that require microwaves for heating.
    • Auto-lifting Steam Vents: Maintain quality with Safe-T-Chef’s® innovative auto-lift vents that activate when steam is present. Say goodbye to soggy and overcooked foods.

Sleek, see-through and more sustainable.

    • Reach Every Bite: A modern design, attractive shape and curved walls create scoopable corners.
    • 360o Views of Your Food: High clarity polypropylene delivers better merchandising of your products better, allowing customers to savour the sight of your foods.
    • Reusable and Recyclable: Safe-T-Chef® packaging is dishwasher safe and is more recyclable than alternatives, like black containers and polystyrene foam.

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