A person washing their hands in a stainless steel sink

Investing in a good hand soap is just as important as a proper handwashing routine. An effective hand soap can help reduce absenteeism and keep facilities healthy and safe. Here are some tips from our experts to help encourage proper hand hygiene practices in your facility:

Why is it important?

Our hands collect an average of 3,200 different bacteria throughout the day, which can cause foodborne and respiratory illnesses. Handwashing can reduce the risk of respiratory illness by up to 21% and the costs related to absenteeism due to sickness by up to 40%.

To protect your facility from bacteria transmitted by our hands, download our Healthy Workplace Communications Kit for printable handwashing posters to remind building occupants to observe proper hygiene practices.

Practice Proper Handwashing

Did you know that fingertips and thumbs are the most missed areas when handwashing? Follow these simple steps to help ensure cleaner hands:

  1. Add a pump of soap to wet or dry hands.
  2. Lather the soap on all parts of your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Rinse hands under warm water.

Remember, not all soaps are made equal, so make sure to invest in a soap that is both effective at removing germs and gentle on skin.

SC Johnson: A name you can trust

SC Johnson’s Refresh Soap products* were designed to deliver cleanliness and a pleasant handwashing experience. These soaps can remove over 99% of dirt and germs when paired with an effective handwashing technique. Formulated with mild preservatives, added skin conditioners and four different fragrance or fragrance-free options, the Refresh Soap line leaves your hands both clean and smooth.

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