Public restrooms are high-traffic areas that can quickly accumulate dirt, grime and harmful bacteria. Disease-causing pathogens can destroy a facility’s credibility and the wellness of its members and employees.

Keeping Your Facility Clean

To help fight the spread of pathogens, restroom surfaces should be properly cleaned and disinfected to protect against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including the MRSA superbug. Follow a regular cleaning schedule to prevent the spread of infection and messes from building up. Restroom cleanliness says a lot to your customers, so not only does a clean restroom keep customers safe, but it will also leave a great impression.

Use the Right Tools and Techniques

Use trusted products to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces in restrooms. This guide from Clorox shows how to use cleaning products on a variety of surfaces to eliminate harmful bacteria. Help prevent the spread of infection causing germs and keep a hygienic facility by practicing the following cleaning and disinfecting recommendations:

  • Wipe down surfaces regularly with disinfecting solution
  • Pick up and throw away loose trash
  • Eliminate stains and odour

Focus Your Efforts

Surfaces that carry the most bacteria in restrooms are: light switches, sinks, toilets, door handles, restroom walls, faucets, countertops, stall partition walls and doors, towel and soap dispensers and showers. That’s a lot to maintain on a regular basis, and it can be difficult for maintenance staff to keep track of which tasks have already been done.

WandaNEXT makes it easy for maintenance staff to keep track of the work that’s already been done, so they can focus their efforts where they’re needed. WandaNEXT™ is a digital restroom maintenance monitoring system that replaces antiquated, paper-based restroom cleaning records and provides real-time data to staff about areas that need attention. This way, facility managers can solve problems before they become customer or tenant complaints.

Learn more about how WandaNEXT™ can save you time, money and leave customers with a lasting impression about your facility…