Achieving and maintaining hygienically clean washroom facilities is critical for both public health and the perception of your organization. It’s no surprise that public restrooms can harbour all kinds of bacteria (which is reason enough to ensure they stay clean), but what about how they affect the perception of your brand?

What do Public Restrooms Have to do with Branding?

Washroom cleanliness says a lot to customers about how a business is maintained and that translates to their overall perception of a brand. Customers identify and personify a business by its brand, so keeping your public washrooms clean should be a top priority to help ensure your customers have a good impression of your business.

Why Does It Matter?

Businesses put a lot of effort into building their brands to accurately represent them and reach their target markets. Keeping your restrooms clean and well-stocked is a simple way to ensure these efforts are put to good use. In fact, clean restrooms can actually help customers have a positive experience at your business and make them more likely to return. Think about it: the restroom is often the first or last impression a customer has with a business, and a negative experience can leave a lasting impression.

Digital Restroom Monitoring

What if there was a way to improve your customers’ perception of your brand while also getting real-time data about your restroom’s cleanliness? You can with WandaNEXT.

WandaNEXT is a digital restroom maintenance monitoring system that enables facility managers to solve problems before they become customer complaints. It uses an antimicrobial, industrial-grade tablet for patrons to notify staff in real-time when a restroom needs attention, and maintenance staff can use it to track cleaning tasks and materials used. Learn more about how it can save you time, money and improve cleaning quality in your facility.

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