Proper hand washing and hand drying with paper towels is one of the best defenses against the spread of germs and bacteria. Paper towels work to continue to remove germs and bacteria from your hands after handwashing. The Titan® Bold hand towel dispensing systems offer touchless dispensing, providing a more hygienic washroom environment for your customers.

The Titan® Bold Electronic Hybrid Dispenser

This dispenser can be a hygienic option for paper towel dispensing. This model has touchless wave sensing technology which dispenses sheets one at a time, ensuring users do not have physical contact with the dispenser and allows paper to remain inside the dispenser until use to ensure maximum protection against airborne germs and bacteria. This dispenser’s highly efficient, quiet and reliable motor provides extensive battery life and has a backup mechanical lever that can be used if the battery runs out, making it ADA compliant. This dispenser allows you to choose which sheet length you would like it to dispense, choosing from 8”, 10” or 12” options.

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The Titan® Bold Smooth-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser

This dispenser dispenses one towel at-a-time allowing for a clean, hygienic towel to be dispensed after every pull. The internal suspension mechanism enables an easy, quiet pull and smooth dispensing. This model has controlled dispensing of 10” sheets, ensuing your resources are not wasted. This model is ADA compliant and is available in black and white finishes.

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