he University of Calgary recently took a big step forward in bringing innovation and technology to its caretaking program by integrating the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 autonomous scrubber-drier into its program.
As an ISSA-certified, Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building (CIMSGB)-accredited organization and trusted industry leader, UCalgary seeks out and embraces new technologies, such as autonomous machinery for use in caretaking operations to enhance the services provided to the campus community.

Driving Innovation

The caretaking team approached the use of autonomous equipment as an opportunity to set UCalgary apart and realized the potential to provide opportunities for staff to grow their skillsets and stay ahead of the curve. The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 offers customizable program options such as route mapping, adjusting settings to accommodate UCalgary’s unique and congested spaces, and adjusting the routine during different seasons. The equipment also provides daily reports that allow the team to evaluate cleaning effectiveness and improve service levels.

More Time for Clean

The key to getting the most value out of Nilfisk’s autonomous scrubber-drier lay in focused onboarding efforts, which took caretaking staff and key stakeholders through an engaging process of developing a plan for how the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 would be utilized. The evolution from traditional stand-on scrubbers to fully autonomous machinery has been smooth for UCalgary staff. The benefit of prior experience and similar control platform, shape and size helped ease the transition.

Staff leveraged their newfound understanding of Nilfisk Liberty SC50’s underlying technology to develop a standard service level across the entire organization, elevated their skill set and cleaning processes and incorporated autonomous cleaning into the team’s culture.

Incorporating the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 into the university’s facility maintenance program has done more than improve its cleaning quality and efficiency. Progress in technology and an innovative approach to incorporating robotics into UCalgary’s caretaking program continue to contribute to a campus environment that both supports and energizes teaching, research and community to positively impact learning and discovery.

Learn more about how the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 helped improve the University of Calgary’s floor maintenance program here.