From purchasing raw materials to delivering finished products, Pactiv is serious about responsibly providing quality food packaging and foodservice products. It aims to minimize its environmental impact in local communities through various stages in its operations. Pactiv is able to do this, and ensure it complies with all regulatory requirements through materials management, energy efficiency, reducing and reusing waste and distribution.

Materials Management

As well as offering products that are made from plant-based materials, Pactiv has developed production processes that use fewer materials.

Energy Efficiency

Pactiv uses variable speed motors and drives to improve operational control of pumps, blowers, air compressors and fans to make it easier to conserve energy by “turning it off or turning it down.”

Reduce and Reuse Waste

Pactiv recycles the majority of its plastic manufacturing scrap materials directly back into its products. It works with suppliers and recycling services to recycle aluminum, corrugated boxes, oils, scrap metals and remaining plastic scrap.

Storage and Transportation

By using a logistics program to reduce empty space on shipping trucks, Pactiv is able to ship 10 to 15 per cent more product per trip. It also strategically locates its warehouse closer to customers to make each trip shorter.

Check out Pactiv’s Environmental Sustainability Snapshot to see more on the industry-leader’s environmental management strategy.