Universities are filled with creativity, innovation, state-of-the-art technology and… germs? That’s right, while post-secondary institutions are places of advanced learning, they are also high-traffic areas that bring together all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

David L. Smith, director of cleaning, hygiene and sanitation at Bunzl Canada, recently wrote an article for Facility Cleaning & Maintenance magazine showcasing how Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario incorporated revolutionary technology into its cleaning and disinfecting processes.

Making the Grade with ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Disinfecting

Since 2014, maintenance staff at Queen’s University have used the ByoPlanet® electrostatic disinfecting system for its ability to completely and evenly cover surfaces with disinfectant solution in just minutes. The staff added this game-changing technology to their cleaning routine to enable disinfecting throughout the school’s residences. ByoPlanet® uses electrostatic technology to create a charge in each droplet of solution, causing them to become attracted to surfaces to create a ‘wrap-around’ effect that includes the front, backs and sides of even hard-to-reach surfaces such as keyboards.

Since adding the ByoPlanet® to their cleaning processes, maintenance staff at Queen’s have been able to use a proactive approach during cold and flu season to help avoid possible outbreaks. They’ve even found that the extent to which colds and flu spread through the university’s residences have dramatically reduced.

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