The cleanliness of a restaurant’s customer-facing area, or front-of-house, is essential to providing customers with a great experience and encouraging them to come back again and again. Many people associate how clean the front-of-house (and restrooms!) are with the cleanliness of the kitchen, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that restaurants always look their best.

Bunzl Canada’s director of cleaning, hygiene and sanitation, David L. Smith, ESP, wrote an article for RestoBiz on what businesses can do to avoid the top five front-of-house cleaning mistakes. The key to proper cleaning is proper training so staff are equipped with the skills they need to keep facilities clean, healthy and safe for patrons and employees.

Here’s a summary of the top five areas to focus on:

1. Different Surface, Same Cloth

Believe it or not, there are a lot of best practices when it comes to using cleaning cloths. From colour coding, to folding techniques, to the materials used, there’s a lot to know when it comes to using this key tool in your facility.

2. Uncommonly Cleaned Common Touch Points

Common Touch Points (CTPs) are exactly that: high-contact surfaces that are frequently exposed to bacteria from many different people. CTPs need extra care and should regularly be cleaned thoroughly to reduce the risk of bacteria transmission.

3. Spill Slip-Ups

All restaurants have to deal with spills, but the way they’re handled matters more than you may think. Using the wrong mopping tools and techniques can lead to dirt and bacteria getting spread around, so your floors end up dirtier than before you mopped.

4. Same Old, Same Old

While a good neutral floor cleaner can handle day-to-day grease, grime and spills, the winter months can present an entirely different challenge. For example, salt and calcium can erode floor surfaces and create a permanent white haze. Using the appropriate floor cleaner for different weather will help keep your floors in tiptop shape, lengthen their lifespan and ensure they’re always looking their best.

5. Cleaning Up the Clean Up

Your cleaning program has a significant impact on the health and cleanliness of your business, which can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Maximize the efficiency of your cleaning program by investing in training, proper tools and cleaning products.

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