Choosing the right hand care for your industrial facility can be challenging. Industrial workers face a broad range of contaminants daily and have a diverse range of hand care needs. To provide the best hand care solutions for your facility, it’s important to understand what factors workers prioritize. SC Johnson conducted focus groups with industrial workers and interviews with facility managers to determine what they prioritize in their hand care. Here’s what topped the list:

Worker needs and wants

When it comes to hand soap, surveyed workers said they need a product that’s stronger than general hand soap to properly clean their hands, but that’s still gentle on skin. They said their hand soap must be non-drying and leave their skin feeling moisturized. Overall, it’s important to choose a hand soap in your facility that delivers a powerful clean while still being pleasant to use.

Managers needs and wants

SC Johnson also interviewed managers at various industrial facilities to learn what they prioritize when it comes to choosing the right products for their facility. Managers expressed the importance they feel to select products based on their worker’s needs, while still promoting good skin care. They expressed that employee well-being is a top priority but would benefit from product selection guidance.

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Solopol® GFX™: Innovation from insight

Solopol® GFX ™ Heavy Duty Power Foam Hand Cleanser with Grit was designed with these needs in mind. This fast-acting hand cleaner is uniquely designed to power away dirt while still caring for the skin. This product delivers 2X the cleaning performance compared to traditional abrasive heavy-duty lotions. GFX™ hand cleanser is efficient to use, allowing for up to 43% more hand washes per refill than traditional heavy duty cleansers. See why 78% of users agree that GFX™ left their hands feeling smooth and cared for after use and why it was awarded best skin care product by the Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine in 2020.

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