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That’s why we continually search out the latest research and best practices to help you improve performance in your facility. If you require a more accessible version of any of the documents in the articles below, please let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Why Cleaning and Disinfecting Floors Matters

Learn how you can keep floors clean and healthy with Nilfisk Robotic UV Scrubbers

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To Sweep, or to Scrub? That is the Question

Here’s how to find the best floor cleaning approach for your facility…

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Floor Maintenance Equipment Tips & Tricks

Keep your floors sparkling with auto scrubbers, industrial vacuums & more!

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Using Advanced School Cleaning for Improved Learning

Create a healthier environment for enhanced learning…

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Seven Industrial Cleaning Tips for a Productive Facility

Our quick guide to help you keep your industrial facility clean and running smoothly…

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Matting: Should You Rent or Purchase?

How do you know whether to rent or purchase matting for your business?…

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